Jess Ciccone

I have been a patient of Dr. Gendy’s for years. He is phenomenal and so is Dr. Shah! My husband had a great experience with the nurse practitioner. I refer everyone to this practice!

5 stars.

Mark Vindman

DR Gendy is a very caring and professional doctor I’ve been a patient of his for years and have never been happier with any doctor.

Joni Skala-Norris

Love Dr. Shah is an amazing doctor, will not go anywhere else.

Vickie Rowell Corbin Moses

I have been with Dr. Gendy long before Franklin Medical opened. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Staff is great and accommodating.

Pam Walter

Dr. Gendy is a very caring physician. I’ve sent a lot of friend to him and they’re VERY HAPPY with him. When I brought my daughter to him nine years ago, she was suffering from terrible autoimmune issues. He found all of the correct specialist for her and worked directly with each specialist tailoring a specific regime to accommodate her needs. He even saved her life from an anaphylaxis allergic reaction!!He has also been my primary care physician for the past ten years because he is extremely thorough and a great diagnostician. The whole staff is knowledgeable and they’re open seven days a week which is very convenient. I give Dr. Gendy my highest recommendation. He is the best doctor I’ve ever had.

Claudia Russo Attardi

I have been a patient for several years. Dr. Gendy is very attentive and extremely patient. I went in with extreme fatigue and body aches. Gendy listened to every alignment and asked many questions. After some tests it was revealed that I had red barrel LOW vitamin D and vitamin B levels. He quickly put a plan of action in place to take vitaminD pills twice a week with a vitamin B shot once a month and a follow up in 5 weeks. Well, I had been revived and my life was back to normal. So grateful for a doctor that listened and cared enough to take those extra steps to help me.Oh, and a bonus no long waits and appointment readily available 7 days a week!Great staff too!!!!!Thank you Dr. Gendy and associates

Tiffany Louise Collura

Dr. Gendy is the most attentive physician I’ve ever had. He takes his time, genuinely listens to me, and he is extremely thorough. The whole staff isvery accommodating and they’re open seven days a week which is very convenient. Highly recommend

Justin Hawthorne

Dr. Gendy is a genuinely caring physician, which is often hard to find. In addition to his genuine concern, I find that he’s incredibly considerate and really listens to patients’ needs. Not only is Gendy himself a great physician, but the whole staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Plus they’re open seven days a week which is sweet. Highly recommend!

Laurence Virginie

I am so thankful that someone recommended Dr. Gendy to me a few years ago. It is so refreshing to have a doctor who is kind, compassionate, non-judgmental, and THOROUGH. He believes you, and acknowledges the importance of the mind-body connection in our health. I’ve had to bring my daughter with me to my appointments several times and she is always treated well and with kindness by his entire staff. Highly recommend.

Joyce J.

I have been a long time patient at Franklin Medical Center and absolutely love Dr.Gendy! He has taken care of me and my family for years. All the doctors and nurse practitioners there have been great. There were even times when I called for same day appointment and had to see the nurse practitioner and it still was a great experience! In reality, Dr. Gendy can’t possibly see EVERY patient on short notice. As for the staff, I have never had a problem with anyone. The girls work very hard! I have actually seen on many occasions the front desk girls being yelled at by patients. It’s not an easy task to be in there position. Just because you are a patient shouldn’t give you the green light to disrespect someone. I would highly recommend Franklin Medical to all! It’s one of the only primary care places left that actually cares for you as an individual.

Allison Corapi

This is a very nice office. Everyone is friendly, I was seen on time, and Dr. Shah was both thorough and informative with a good bedside manner. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a family physician.